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Even more fun than growing large beets, is developing new book ideas! Over the years I've met so many wonderful writers, many caught up in the struggle to see their books become a reality without getting lost in the giant business craze of the internet. Lynxfield Publishing is a safe home for those of us who love our books and want to share them with you.

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My Story

My life has certainly been interesting with so many unexpected twists and turns. Through it all I have found journals keep me sane and on track. For many years, prior to the internet and services like CreateSpace, later KDP publishing, I taught classes called : How to Hold in Your Hands the Book In Your Heart. Understanding all that goes into book making, the writing, the editing, design, and production, are important aspects to the publishing business. My personal goal is to help others hold their precious books in their hands.  And in the process, to share these books with you, dear reader.


I'm always looking for new writing friends, and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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